Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Elegant Colors of Kerala

The white and gold of Settu Mundu/mundu neriyathu or kasavu saree is so soothing to go with the lush green background of the beautiful land of Kerala.

I had quite a few requests to make matching ornaments for the gold/white kasavu saree.  Here are few pictures. since I am updating the blog after a long break, I do not remember any interesting events to add along with this write up as it is a journal of my interests and ideas.

This one has mica shift technique on striped cane and also texture on the pendent, it is elegantly strung on white Czech beads.  I love them as the consistency of the size is too beautiful.  
This one was made for a friend who loves teeny weeny elegant jewelry.  I was struggling to keep it simple and small. The earring has a sandstone added to it.
This one too was a simple one for someone who loves it simple.
Swirl earring made to match the saree.

These two sort of a repeat made as request.

This simple request was to make exclusive and look really different.  I guess I met it.

Silk Screen on PC

I accidentally deleted this post from last December.  These are some of my silk screen printing experiments on polymer clay which my friends loved and I did replicas for all three twice 😄.  The screen prints are available in shops during Diwali. I try anything found locally and then go in for the finer versions☻.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jhumka experiment

My experiment with jhumka is still on going.  I managed to get perfect textured jhumkas and went ahead to attach ghungrus to it.  I am satisfied with the look.  I did not have a design for the studs in mind, so made a rough unplanned stud, could have made a better looking one.  I have used 3mm jump rings to the edges to hang the beads, but I should practice my wire wrapping.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Butterfly wings

Finally I found to put together the batik pieces I had made ages ago.  Simple necklace set made of polymer clay.  A surface technique using alcohol ink called batik technique.  Last week I had some good luck, some of my pieces got sold and also got some orders.  I will be busy with that for sometime now.  Oh, why I named it butterfly wings.  The shape of the second one reminded me of butterfly wings.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


What is on my table today

This one is using both paper and polymer clay.  A big pendent with kalamkari handpainted patch work with matching earring.  yet to put it together.

Textured Jhumka

A textured Jhumka with Ganesha on the stud, in colors of Kerala.  Ganesha is made from a mould.

Another custom-made textured jhumka in my favorite colors made for a elegant lady.

Colors of Kerala

Another custom made jewelry.  Made for a beautiful lady for her Kerala style saree.