Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Screen prints

Screen printing with silver acrylic paint on black polymer clay pendent accentuated with hand worked silver polymer clay beads and black beads with matching earrings๐Ÿ’š

 Screen printed with gold colored metallic paint on maroon colored clay pendent and matching earring.

Screen printed with purple metallic paint on green and purple pendent.  Pendent decorated with rhinestone chain and strung with polymer clay folded beads with matching earring with a purple onyx bead.๐Ÿ˜Š

I tried screen printing for the first time.  My screen frames are which floods the local market during Diwali time.  Only difficulty is that you have take each one and spend some time thinking how it would look on your clay pendent and go head to buy one.  The first 2 are common rangoli patterns.  Of course the screens are not very fine, more porous that the ones meant specifically for clay.  For me right now they are too expensive.  My business have to improve to buy more of the clay specific screen print frames.  So I am making do with available resources :).  I am happy with the outcome.  More happy that it is sold already.  My customers liked it too. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ’“

Jhumka experiment

My experiment with jhumka is still on going.  I managed to get perfect textured jhumkas and went ahead to attach ghungrus to it.  I am satisfied with the look.  I did not have a design for the studs in mind, so made a rough unplanned stud, could have made a better looking one.  I have used 3mm jump rings to the edges to hang the beads, but I should practice my wire wrapping.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Butterfly wings

Finally I found to put together the batik pieces I had made ages ago.  Simple necklace set made of polymer clay.  A surface technique using alcohol ink called batik technique.  Last week I had some good luck, some of my pieces got sold and also got some orders.  I will be busy with that for sometime now.  Oh, why I named it butterfly wings.  The shape of the second one reminded me of butterfly wings.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


What is on my table today

This one is using both paper and polymer clay.  A big pendent with kalamkari handpainted patch work with matching earring.  yet to put it together.

Textured Jhumka

A textured Jhumka with Ganesha on the stud, in colors of Kerala.  Ganesha is made from a mould.

Another custom-made textured jhumka in my favorite colors made for a elegant lady.

Colors of Kerala

Another custom made jewelry.  Made for a beautiful lady for her Kerala style saree.  


Some earrings which I have made-to-order.  The blue one is paper earring, one of my customer wanted paper one which I had not tried before.  That one was on a experiment basis.  She liked it anyway.

The Peach and maroon jhumka too is a custom-made for a saree.  It was chosen by the customer from my previous design.  I exactly do not like to repeat a design.  I get bored quickly.  Sticking on to polymer clay for one and half years is also a surprise for me.  I am hooked to this :)  I love to create. I do not worry much if it is not sold.  But, luckily for me very few are left in the stock. I thank my friends for that.  

The top right one is a surface technique using pastel mica powder, glass color, and texture sheets.  It is made up of scrap clay, actually white clay which got totally discolored after a project.

The second row black and white with Red dot is a surprise you get when u roll out scrap clay.  this cannot be reproduced.  It is just an occurrence.  I just loved the crackled black and white effect.  Quickly made it to earrings.  Added red to brighten it up.