Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jimikki Kammal

Part of an experiment with paper and ceramic. Not disappointed at all.  Happy with the turn out. What is achieved with this is the paper does not show through, the ceramics takes over, light weight as expected, finish is like ceramic.


This design is simply and purely from within.  Just looking at the fish in the pond filled with lotus.  A paper based simple earring but I had put lot of thought and love making this.  I made this for a friend whom I was supposed to meet but could not meet for not a reason we both should be responsible for.  Just could not meet :).  She too is a jewelry designer too, and I have noticed who loves to include fish patterns in her jewelry.


Cannot get enough of the mayur.  This one is a result of a lazy but doodling mood of an afternoon.  The peacock looked good, so made another one with slightly another design.  since the brain is always thinking of wearable art, diminished the design to a smaller size, could not reduce it further.  It took almost 20 days to complete.  Contemplating the medium for the creation.  Finalized it to be on paper.  Painting, layering and waterproofing etc ate up a lot of time. The cord portion of it to had to be thought out and decided to go for polymer clay beads in antique finish.  All the beads are handcrafted, hollow and given an antique look. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Another mixed media work.

Buddha – The mind is everything. You become what you think. 

The process of making this necklace was quite a long one.  Many techniques go into this, different material used to get this together.  Each bead is handcrafted including the tiny silver spacers.  The Buddha face is acrylic on water color paper.  The effect with leaves on the left is made by my technique (frost glass) on polymer clay.  The beads of the necklace are polymer clay and glass.  An opera necklace, about 17 inches, light as wind.  I managed making matching earring this time J.  Photographing necklace this big is a task.  This is the best shot I could manage. 


The artist in me gets bored very quickly.  I have taken time to know the polymer clay and its working, now slightly getting bored with it.  Love to combine all the art forms I know to make mixed media work.  My next attempt is that.  I love beads from my very young age. I used to collect them whenever possible. I am so happy now I can make beads of any color I wish.

This is a painting done using a technique called relief technique which I had to fit into a 3x2.5 inch frame, then varnish and waterproof it.  I have used glass beads and semiprecious beads to complete the necklace with the painted pendent.

I called it Anuraga, meaning love, nothing less when it is Radha and Krishna comes together in a single frame.  What was more astounding was when I looking for other words for love in Sanskrit.  They have 96 odd other words for "Love".  No other language has this many words to choose from. 

All is fine.  When it comes to photograph this big a piece of necklace which is 17 inches long and is called opera, it gives you a tough time.  You can never get the whole thing in one picture.  somehow managed to get one with a new prop.


Monday, November 27, 2017

A simple one which I managed to make with left overs from another project.  A simple pendent giving it a faux leather look finishing with African antique beads and red leather cord with matching earrings. 

Lapis lazuli

Another one re-paired from my discarded bead box.
These beads were made with a terracotta bead mold long ago. 
I was attempting to make faux lapis lazuli with silver bezel.  The beads did not turn out to my liking so was kept aside.  It was a long time ago, I still did not know about sanding and buffing and it is not done on this.  It is as it was baked.  I will be keeping this too with me.