Monday, April 20, 2015


These are some earrings I made for my dear friend.  I am happy she believed me to give me the freedom of design.  She was also kind enough to say that they were all good:).

This pair is a turquoise blue (actually :)) earring with filigree work on it with crystal beads and polymer clay beads to enhance it.  This is done for a grand kalamkari material of the same color combination.

This is my best one.  I liked it so much.  A gold back ground with brick red tree like design with garnet beads to embellish it.  

This is a lemon yellow small stud with a dangle of semiprecious yellow bead called citrine.  This was made for her dress which is lemon yellow chiffon with self colored chikenkari work on it.

These are a pair of red and black earring with gold frame. this made for a red dress with black embroidery on it.

These are a geometrical tri-colored pair accentuated with lo-real beads and semiprecious aventurine.  The bead looked so dull otherwise, i was hesitant to add it to the piece.  I wrapped the bead with gold plated wire and made a dangle with the lo-real beads and it looked really good. the photo does not do justice though ( 'cause I am the photographer :)).

A pair of earring I tried to replicate a Indian tribal art for a silk dress. the earring is around 4.5 cms long.  the beads are polymer clay and glass.

I have two more orders at hand.  I will update as soon I finish. :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Fantasy flower

This is a flower I made to make a necklace for my little niece for her Christmas party where she wore a red dress(red and white was the theme).  This looks like poppy flower but not exactly that is why the name fantasy flower.  The white is part of truculent and white clay cane.  Later, I found here a beautiful tutorial by Olga on Youtube.  This version is really beautiful.

A little sunflower stud

A small earring to go with the sunflower necklace.  I forgot to post this earlier.