Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fuchsia on Emerald

A disastrous project turned to be a beautiful piece.  The fuchsia colored clay is Fimo. After using Sculpey for almost all of my projects, I find the Fimo very crumbly to condition (I admit Fimo is best to do canes, very sturdy).  I was tiered conditioning it.  When I am irritated, to over come that I tend to do something intentionally wrong. This is an example, I rolled out the clay very thin and cut out small pieces and did some flowers on the emerald clay uneven and ugly.  Then I went on do something else and forgot about it.  The piece was missing and found it sticking to my long sleeve which had the texture and all the flowers pressed and embedded to the base clay, voila!, beautiful texture, good looking, did a pair of earring and did the edges with gold and it is sold out too :).  The necklace is strung on nylon cord, not adjustable. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Denim paisley

This is an experimental piece of Sutton slice method, I had not finished the earring when I photographed this.  I cracked the pendant piece when I was baking it because of my stupidity.  The earring piece I simply placed on the jute cord to make it look like a bead.  Sutton slice is fun and the result is stunning, but it is tiring to do on a small tiny rubber stamp which is what I used.  When you run the blade over the clay you have press in, the clay lifts up then you have to do it again. You can watch the method over at the you tube by Polyform products demonstrated by Iris Weiss.


I loved the vibrant colors I dared to experiment with.  I liked the burlap cords which I got from my regular craft store, I wanted to make some beads matching the cord and set out the colors.  The purple 4mm beads dangling on the pendent is not polymer clay, they are Jaipur beads which I bought from beadsnfashion. The whole thing looked like a wild forest to me and so I named it forest. :)
blues, wasabi green, pumpkin souffle are the colors used.  The length of the necklace is 11 inches.  the clasp is a bead clasp. Burlap cording.  the pendant itself is 3 inches.