Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I can bat(ik) too!..

Whew, I can also batik.  A technique which is so intriguing.  I keep staring and staring at the beautiful pieces made by people and then I realized it is each ones own imagination and not a fixed formula to create this.  So I had decided to do it on my own and no attending workshops or purchasing tutorials on this.  Of course many sleepless nights thinking of the way to go about.  Finally, I managed, not perfect, but something I felt somewhat close :).  But I failed to get the crackled effect.  I can improve, is it not? :) 

Black Silver

Playing with textures.  This is not with any texture plates but with some trinkets lying in my stash box and designed it to my liking.  A domed pendant with adjustable satin cords.  Each and every bead is textured , applying rustic style technique to give it an antique look. Earrings not yet done.  It is accentuated with crystal black beads. It took almost a month for me to decide the type of beads to go with this.  contemplating the type and color of beads to accompany this creation.

Friday, March 4, 2016


A necklace and matching jhumka.  An idea springs from sometimes a flower, leaf, a scene, a shop, so many other weird things.  This was from a jewelry cord, even the necklace I call "forest" is also from the type of cord I picked up from the craft shop.  Anything I look at, I will think of using it for my clay projects.  Oh, when I talk about this, I remember I have completely forgotten about my old love, painting.  I have not touched a painting brush for such a long time but otherwise only to apply polish or mica powder on clay. In fact, the background I nowadays use to photograph my jewelry pieces is a burlap multimedia mounted canvas I got to paint some time back.  See what I am using it for now.  Find my paintings on my other blog Sketch Diary.

Coming back to my "Mystic" necklace - the name - i could not find any better name :), It is an adjustable necklace strung on rattail cord of the same fuchsia color.  The beads are handcrafted and the design on the necklace are simple cane. 
The jhumka is cone shaped ones.  This I think will keep it to myself.