Monday, November 21, 2016

Butterfly wings

Finally I found to put together the batik pieces I had made ages ago.  Simple necklace set made of polymer clay.  A surface technique using alcohol ink called batik technique.  Last week I had some good luck, some of my pieces got sold and also got some orders.  I will be busy with that for sometime now.  Oh, why I named it butterfly wings.  The shape of the second one reminded me of butterfly wings.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


What is on my table today

This one is using both paper and polymer clay.  A big pendent with kalamkari handpainted patch work with matching earring.  yet to put it together.

This is an update for this bit and pieces i have posted long ago.  The finished kalamkari necklace set with the earring.  It is a way too grand. 

The pendent is strung with polymer clay beads, faceted semi precious amber onyx, and paper tube beads also hand painted in kalamkari style and waterproofed.  

Textured Jhumka

A textured Jhumka with Ganesha on the stud, in colors of Kerala.  Ganesha is made from a mould.

Another custom-made textured jhumka in my favorite colors made for a elegant lady.

Colors of Kerala

Another custom made jewelry.  Made for a beautiful lady for her Kerala style saree.  


Some earrings which I have made-to-order.  The blue one is paper earring, one of my customer wanted paper one which I had not tried before.  That one was on a experiment basis.  She liked it anyway.

The Peach and maroon jhumka too is a custom-made for a saree.  It was chosen by the customer from my previous design.  I exactly do not like to repeat a design.  I get bored quickly.  Sticking on to polymer clay for one and half years is also a surprise for me.  I am hooked to this :)  I love to create. I do not worry much if it is not sold.  But, luckily for me very few are left in the stock. I thank my friends for that.  

The top right one is a surface technique using pastel mica powder, glass color, and texture sheets.  It is made up of scrap clay, actually white clay which got totally discolored after a project.

The second row black and white with Red dot is a surprise you get when u roll out scrap clay.  this cannot be reproduced.  It is just an occurrence.  I just loved the crackled black and white effect.  Quickly made it to earrings.  Added red to brighten it up.  

My garden

A collage of flowers from my garden.

Autumn effect

The fuschia colored necklace set came about as autumn inspired.  My garden was full bloom then.  I have the lovely fuschia in my garden for the first time.  I had made a simple cane of that color, though it did not turn up exactly.  I liked the earring the most.

The pendent is hung on glass beads of lavender color.  The earring is accentuated with elaborate bead cap and pink onyx bead.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Finally, for today let me upload what is on my table today (not today, it is lying there from past one week).  Did a batik number, did not waste any piece from it.  Made it into pendents and earrings.  They are patiently waiting to be strung.

I do my batik with 3D outliner to mask the alcohol ink and then peel it off when it is dry before the bake.  The design is unique !!!!

Blue, green and cane

My all time favorite colors.  Added some left over cane to the pendent. The earring was sold in no time.  looks like a favorite design.  I have already made three colors of the same pattern and stands sold.

The last one is a custom made for a peach and maroon combination saree.  The customer was so very happy that it matched her saree perfect and it suited her look too.  I am unhappy because I was not able to make a perfect shot of this.  I hate when I do not get a "somewhat close" to professional picture shot.  Recently, I broke my dear phone and it was at that time I finished this order and had to click with whatever camera available.  This was also made and in a very short given period of time and so was in a hurry too.  Photo does not do justice to the effort here ;( :(.


These were custom made for a lovely customer to match her sarees.  These were derived from my design mystic and anamika.  She wanted it simple and hence without the pendent.


Cloisonne - is a metal decorating technique.  It is usually done with precious metals like gold and silver.  It is colored with enamel powder and fired to get the beautiful glossy effect on them.  The sheen of the metal adds to the shine of the finished piece.  This is also known as Minakari in India.

This is my humble effort to get that look on paper.
The necklace has a chain clasp on silk cord and pretty earrings to go with it.

Another attempt in black and white.


Kerala mural.  I wanted to do this on polymer clay but I did not like the color effect on the clay.  Finally I combined clay and paper to my satisfaction.  Lot of experiment went into it.  I finally dared to do a other media on polymer clay.  I always thought it is not fair to use anything else other than PC into a piece of clay jewelry.  But then the creativity is mine and I am the boss.

Materials used: 
380 gsm drawing paper.  This was used to draw the figure and paint according to the Kerala mural painting techniques and rules (KM uses some particular colors, u mix and blend to get the exact shade).  I followed every bit of the rules even though it is a tiny area to be covered.  The effort eventually shows.

Soft acrylic colors from Fevicryl - red, sienna, green and black for outlining in the final stage.

Varnish for water proofing.

Polymer clay for the backing for both pendent and earring.
Polymer clay beads
Wooden beads 
Bead caps
Adjustable cord.

It is so very feather light with polymer clay, paper and wooden beads.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Paper Mania

Updating after a long time now.

Had been trying my hand on paper stacked jewelry.  In fact, I had started this off even before my polymer clay addiction.  This is also fun if you get your geometry right.  Thing is you cannot use a cutter to get  1/4th inch of a pendent.  you got to stack for that and cut all the papers to that shape.  Anyways I love that.  Here are some more pieces.  They have no earring accompanying.
The yellow one was made to look like a ceramic tile.  I have used water color, 3D out liners and glass colors to get the effect and water proofed.  water proofed does not mean that you can soak it in water :).  The bead are polymer clay with organza cord to go with it.

The pink one  - metallic colors with ( I have used Fevicryl metallic colors) out liners for the doodle, accentuated with glass and polymer clay beads.

Pssst...:  Look closer, they are two sides of same coin.  I have made the clasp in such a way that you can interchange the cords.